Job Opportunities with the New York State Insurance Fund


Thank you for your interest in a career with the New York State Insurance Fund. NYSIF offers exciting opportunities for qualified individuals in a number of different fields, including: Claims Management, Underwriting, Policyholder Services, Accounting and Auditing, Actuarial Science, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal Services, and many more.

As a New York State agency, NYSIF’s hiring practices are governed by NYS Civil Service Law which dictates that appointments be made according to merit and fitness, which, for the majority of positions, is ascertained through competitive examinations facilitated by the NYS Department of Civil Service. The Department of Civil Service maintains a website,, which provides information on the various positions in New York State Government. This is an excellent resource for anyone considering a career with New York State.

Civil Service Examinations

Most Civil Service examinations are traditional written exams, supervised by a proctor, and held at various locations throughout the state on a specific date. Scheduled and tentative examination dates, as well as the minimum qualifications required for entry to the exam can be found at

Some Civil Service examinations are held on a continuous basis, and consist of an evaluation of applicable experience and training. NYSIF positions filled through continuous currently include the following: Accountants and Auditors, Actuaries, Information Technology Specialists, Medical Care Representatives (Registered Nurses), and Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists.

Current Openings

Please review the listed minimum qualifications before inquiring about a position. All openings listed below require either status on a Civil Service eligible list or specific experience within New York State Government. If you are active on a Civil Service eligible list a canvass letter will be sent to you in the mail. If you are a current New York State employee in a transferrable title, please feel free to submit a cover letter and resume; a member of NYSIF’s Human Resources staff may contact you to verify transfer eligibility.

Position Title Deadline to Apply
Director, Investment Services 8/08/14
Special Investment Officer (Fixed Income Portfolio Manager) 8/09/14
Special Investment Officer (Alternative Investments) 8/09/14