Payroll Reporting

NYSIF disability benefits insurance premium is based upon the total actual and capped ($17,680 per person) payroll of a policyholder during a particular policy period. At the end of a payroll period, whether annual, semi-annual or quarterly, policyholders are required to submit a payroll report verifying the actual number of employees and capped wages for that period.

Once the payroll report is received, the premium is adjusted to reflect the difference between estimated and actual wages. It is important to accurately estimate the payroll at the beginning of the period to minimize premium adjustments.

Payroll reports are mailed to policyholders at the close of a policy period. Policyholders are required to complete the report and submit to NYSIF within 30 days to finalize actual premium on a policy. If a policyholder fails to return a completed payroll report, payroll for the outstanding period is considered unreported and a 50 percent payroll adjustment is added to the original estimated premium. If the completed payroll report is submitted later, the payroll period will be revised to reflect the reported payroll information.

If a payroll report is not received by the policyholder at the end of a policy period, please contact us by e-mail or call toll free: 1-866-NYSIF-DB or 1-866-697-4332.