Online Services Overview—Convenient, Fast, Easy

NYSIF’s online services save you time and can help you more efficiently manage your NYSIF coverage for workers’ compensation and disability benefits insurance. NYSIF online resources make it easy to obtain a quote for insurance, educate your employees about workplace safety, start a return-to-work program, create and validate NYSIF certificates of insurance, file a NYSIF claim and fight fraud.

Our easy-to-navigate pages and portals provide everyone involved in the process – employers, HR managers, insurance brokers, providers and employees – with a convenient key for conducting online transactions, and a better understanding of their responsibilities and requirements regarding workers’ compensation and disability benefits insurance in New York State.

Policyholders also can create a NYSIF Online account for fast access to detailed account information online, including claims tracking and billing statements. Those policyholders with NYSIF workers' compensation and disability insurance policies must establish separate accounts for each.

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