Medical Provider Explanation of Benefits

The online Explanation of Benefits (EOB) allows you to obtain a detailed, printable itemization of all payments included on a medical provider check (also known as 'draft'). This will ensure you apply payments appropriately, which will save time for both you and NYSIF. To utilize this service, all you need is your Medical Provider Payee Tax ID Number, the NYSIF Check Number, and the last four digits of the Social Security Number for any claimant included on the check.

The online Explanation of Benefits will display the following information:

Provider information
Payee name
Payee tax id number
Check information
NYSIF Check Number
Check date
Check amount
Claim information
Claimant name
NYSIF Claim Number
NYSIF Case manager
NYSIF Case manager’s telephone number
Bill information
NYSIF Bill Number
Bill date
Bill receipt date
Date of service
Code billed
Amount charged
Amount paid
Reason for partial or no payment
Total billed
Total paid
Definitions for reason codes
NYSIF service code descriptions

Simply click the Explanation of Benefits quick link to the right to review an explanation of a medical draft now.