NYSIF Safety Groups

NYSIF safety groups offer employers a fully insured, low risk, low cost alternative to private insurance carrier plans and self-insurance trusts. Group members can never be assessed for additional premium beyond their earned premium for a given policy year.

NYSIF conducts a group accounting after completion of the policy year and each group member receives a proportionate share of any dividend earned. Our safety group program, established in 1923 and designed for longevity and stability, has a long and consistent dividend history. Consequently, many safety groups have been with NYSIF for decades.

NYSIF has two types of safety groups:

  1. Trade Groups - qualifying employers must belong to the industry that the group represents.
  2. Trade Association Groups - qualifying employers must belong to the same industry and be dues paying members of the industry association that sponsors the group.

NYSIF safety groups serve many industries:

  • Contracting/Construction - general contracting as well as particular trades such as masonry, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, road and bridge construction, and many others;
  • Manufacturing - paper products, plastics goods, electrical apparatus, machinery and machine tools, iron or steel goods, machine shops and electroplating operations, paint, furniture, architectural woodwork, jewelry, clothing and food products;
  • Healthcare/Funeral - hospitals, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, healthcare related businesses, funeral homes and cemeteries;
  • Trucking/Transportation - furniture movers, private sanitation service, bus service and other modes of transportation, parking garages, gas stations and auto repair garages;
  • Retail/Wholesale - clothing, jewelry, groceries, stationery, building materials, plumbing supplies, automobiles, recreational vehicles, lawn, garden, farm and contractor’s equipment;
  • Food/Recreation/Travel - restaurants, hotels, children's camps, bowling lanes, marinas, ski areas and ice skating rinks;
  • Agriculture - farming operations and farm equipment dealers;
  • Services - printing and newspaper publishing, real estate ownership and management, building maintenance, security guards, laundry, stock brokerage and financial services.

Joining a Safety Group

Each safety group has a group manager chosen by the group members. That person or entity may be an insurance broker, a risk manager, a trade association or someone else with workers' compensation knowledge and professional credentials.The group manager submits insurance applications and serves as a liaison to NYSIF for group members.

Businesses interested in joining a safety group must contact that particular group manager(s). To learn more about NYSIF's safety group program, or determine if there is a safety group available for your business, contact NYSIF by calling (212) 312-7968 or (212) 587-3611.