Medical Providers

Any physician licensed to practice medicine in New York State may render emergency care for workers’ compensation injuries. However, in non-emergency situations, physicians MUST be authorized by the WCB to treat workers' compensation claimants.

All medical billing should be in accordance with the guidelines of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Medical Fee Schedule and WCB Rules and Regulations.

When claimants are receiving medical and compensation benefits, their medical bills should only be sent to the workers' compensation insurance carrier. Compensable injury treatment and medical services are not to be processed through major medical insurance coverage or Medicare.


Expedite payment by submitting your bills and documentation electronically 

Effective December 1, 2015, only the following documentation should be submitted to the PO Box listed below. These are the only form types that should be sent to this PO Box. All supporting documentation must be included with the submission. Please note that C-4AUTH requests and MG-2 variance requests should not be sent to this PO box.  

  • WCB prescribed medical reporting forms (C-4s, C-5, OT/PT-04, PS-4)
  • CMS1500, HCFA1500
  • UB-04

P.O. Box 66699
Albany NY 12206


Please note NYSIF's former EOB and Medical Bill Inquiry pages have been retired. If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to register for an online account for our Medical Payee Portal. To safeguard the privileged information of both you and the claimant, obtaining an Explanation of Benefits and bill payment information will now require a log-on before accessing that data.

Medical providers will need a copy of their latest check from NYSIF to complete registration. Please note that only one master account can be created per medical provider, but providers will be able to grant access to additional users once the account has been verified. These “child accounts” will not need to register or wait for a PIN letter because they have inherited all permissions from the master user.

If a medical provider uses a third-party billing company, the biller must also register for an online account to obtain access to the provider’s information. Once the biller completes the registration, NYSIF will send the vendor biller a unique identifier code that they must share with the provider. The medical provider should then log back into their NYSIF account and add the biller by entering the unique ID in the textbox on the landing page. By clicking ‘submit,’ the medical provider payee has acknowledged and accepted responsibility for the release of information to the billing service.

Please note again that this ID must be provided by the biller to the payee through direct communication. NYSIF cannot provide this information, nor play an active role in granting these permissions. Please note that only the master account for the medical provider can add/authorize a third-party biller. Child accounts set up by the provider do not have permission to grant authorization.

If you are a large practice or hospital with more than one associated entity, we recommend the following approach for your billing office to manage bills for several different medical providers.

1.     First, your billing office manager must register each medical provider tax ID at using a NYSIF check paid to that entity. Choose an appropriate username that will be recognizable to you, e.g. ABCHospOrtho or ABCHosp_Cardio. PIN verification letters will be mailed to the addresses associated with each account and will each need to be validated.
2.     At the same time, your manager should register at as a third party biller. In this registration, you will indicate the exact address you would like the PIN to be mailed to. The PIN letter will include a unique identifier specific to the third party biller.
3.     Once the billing office manager has received PIN letters for each account registered in step 1, she/he should log in individually as each provider and complete the verification process.
4.     Once the provider account has been verified, your manager should choose “Add a Third Party Biller.” The portal will prompt you to enter the unique ID sent to your third party billing user account explained above. Do this for each provider.
5.     The manager can then log back in using the third party biller account and see a full list of all of the providers that have granted access. We recommend this as the best way to manage your providers since you will be able to see all of the providers you have access to on one landing page. Please note, however, that you can only search bills for one medical provider at a time. To search under a different provider, go back to your landing page and choose another provider.