Workers' compensation and disability benefits fraud is a felony.

NYSIF investigates workers' compensation and disability benefits fraud only for NYSIF policies and claims. If you have information regarding any type of fraud against NYSIF, NYSIF makes it easy for you to report fraud.

Because of the complexity of cases and tremendous losses associated with fraud, insurers have combated it by creating special investigation units to pursue fraud criminals. By industry estimates, each dollar spent on special units to fight fraud returns $7 to $10 in savings through deterrence or restitution.

NYSIF's special investigation unit, the Division of Confidential Investigations (DCI), has established itself as a local and national leader in arrests and prosecutions of felony fraud cases against policyholders, claimants and medical providers.
NYSIF continually educates its staff and businesses in New York to recognize potential fraud cases.

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