New York State Insurance Fund

NYSIF is a not for profit institution that offers workers compensation and disability benefits insurance coverage. It offers policies such as general and safety group plan and retrospective rating plans to employers with workers in the state of New York. The company was founded in 1914 and is based in New York.

Important Notice:

Decoration only

If you received a letter about NYSIF’s modernized billing system, please note that the policy information on the bottom of the letter is only an example for illustrative purposes. The letter is strictly a notification and requires no further action on your part. Calculations in the example do not pertain specifically to your policy. Find more information in the carousel on the home page of and more samples here.

Introducing revised billing and new info page consistent with New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board terminology and calculation methodsOnline Services image panel - link to create an online account and better manage your NYSIF policy.Disability Benefits image panel - link to statutory disability benefits insurance requirements and low rates.Premium Payments image panel - link to NYSIF eCHECK for premium payments.Pharmacy Benefits image panel - link to CVS Caremark CareComp prescription benefits for claimants.Report An Injury image panel - link to file a First Report of Injury with NYSIF eFROI.