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Workers' Comp Insurance

NYSIF is pleased to announce the launch of its streamlined eQuote and electronic application that significantly reduces the time it takes to apply for NYSIF workers' compensation insurance and to receive a quote. Potential policyholders now answer only 10 questions, with simplified required responses, based on the applicant's business size and type.

By submitting your application online, processing time is also reduced by eliminating mail delays. Employers and brokers can complete the application, sign documents and make premium deposits in one, convenient online transaction.

To obtain a workers' compensation quote, please have the following information available:

  • Estimated annual payroll, including casual labor, 1099 forms and any payments to uninsured subcontractors
  • Payroll verification (copies of NYS Form NYS-45-MN and/or federal Form 941 for the last four quarters) 
  • Prior workers’ comp insurance information, including loss experience (if applicable)

Please note that all applications must be fully completed and accompanied by a premium deposit to be reviewed. If approved, coverage is effective at 12:01 a.m., EST, the day after NYSIF receives your electronically signed application and electronic premium deposit.

NYSIF offers an instant quote for employers seeking workers’ comp coverage for domestic household workers, such as a cook, home health aide, housekeeper, nanny or gardener. You can obtain an instant quote for domestic coverage if there are fewer than 10 covered persons qualifying as an inside or outside domestic worker. In one short session, you can log in to your online account, complete a short application, receive a quote, DocuSign and pay the premium deposit to receive coverage. The streamlined application is only available online and consists of just six questions:

  • Effective date of policy
  • Employer work location
  • Employer information
  • Employer address
  • List employees by description (inside, outside)
  • Employer representative (if any)


Disability Benefits & Paid Family Leave Insurance

Per New York State law, employers are required to provide short-term disability benefits (DB) and paid family leave (PFL) insurance for their employees. NYSIF offers employers combined DB and PFL coverage to meet this requirement. NYSIF DB insurance covers employees’ off-the-job injuries and illnesses, while NYSIF PFL coverage provides employees with paid time off from work to care for their families.

Within moments of completing your quote request, you will receive a reference number and an annual premium estimate for NYSIF DB and PFL insurance. Please note that receiving this quote does not guarantee coverage for NYSIF disability and paid family leave benefits insurance, nor does submitting an online application bind coverage. You must submit a completed application and provide a premium deposit to NYSIF to bind coverage.

All policies require underwriting approval. Please allow 10-14 days for your DB/PFL policy to become effective.

Print and complete the appropriate application and supplemental questionnaire if mailing your application. For approved mailed applications, coverage takes effect the day after the postmark on the envelope of your signed application and premium deposit, or any subsequent date requested. You will receive written notification by mail with the effective date of coverage, followed by policy declaration and information pages.

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