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April 2021 - New Prescription Drug Formulary: With the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board’s Prescription Drug Formulary slated to take effect on June 7, 2021, now’s the time to talk with your patients to determine if their medications are covered under the new plan. If they do not qualify, you will have to get prior authorization or prescribe your patient a new medication. To learn more, visit the WCB Formulary website.

Obtain Bill Status and EOB

NYSIF has an online medical provider portal for providers to check the status of submitted bills and obtain an electronic explanation of benefits for payments received from NYSIF.  To safeguard the privileged information of both you and the claimant, obtaining EOB and bill payment information requires a secure login and two-step authentication procedure. 

  1. First, create a NYSIF online account. You will need a recent check received from NYSIF (within the last 12 months).
  2. You will need the following information from that check: check number, check date, check amount and zip code from your mailing address on the check.
  3. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail validating the address you provided. When you receive this e-mail, click on the link provided. You should see a message stating that your e-mail address has been validated and that a PIN (personal identification number) letter will be sent to further authenticate your account.
  4. NYSIF will mail to you (via U.S. mail) a letter containing your unique PIN. Please note that in order to meet information security standards, the PIN must be sent to the address NYSIF mails bill payments. This is part of our verification procedure. Please be aware that if your NYSIF checks are mailed to a lockbox, your PIN will also go to that lockbox.

Note that only one parent account can be created per medical provider, but providers will be able to grant access to additional users once the account has been verified. These “child accounts” will not need to register or wait for a PIN letter because they have inherited all permissions from the parent user.

If a medical provider uses a third-party billing company, the biller must also register for an online account to obtain access to the provider’s information. Once the biller completes the registration, NYSIF will send the vendor biller a unique identifier code that they must share with the provider. The medical provider should then log back into the NYSIF account and add the biller by entering the unique ID code in the textbox on the landing page. By clicking ‘submit,’ the medical provider acknowledges and accepts responsibility for the release of information to the billing service.

Please note again that this ID code must be provided by the biller to the provider through direct communication. NYSIF cannot provide this information, nor play an active role in granting these permissions. Please note that only the parent account for the medical provider can add/authorize a third-party biller. Child accounts set up by the provider do not have permission to grant authorization.

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