How to Read Your Bill

Elect to go paperless and save yourself from paper bills and info pages! Receive email notifications as soon as your policy documents and billing statements are available. Log in to your online account and select "Account Management" from the drop-down menu under your username. In the Administration Console, choose "Email Notifications" to view your Notification Center. Click the Paperless tab and follow the simple instructions.
(Currently, this is available for workers' compensation policyholders only.)

Workers' compensation billing statements reflect all transactions that occur during the billing period.

Policyholders also receive various information pages, including:

Information Page
Summarizes coverage, detailing classification codes, payroll and modifications used to determine premium. You receive an Information Page when your policy is written, renewed or revised.
Sample Information Page
Revised Information Page
Shows the details of a revision to a previously-issued Information Page.
Sample revised information page
Summarizes final premium for a specific policy period based on the actual payroll audit done by NYSIF.
audit sample
Desk Audit
Summarizes final premium for a specific policy period based on actual payroll records submitted to NYSIF.
Summarizes final premium for a specific policy period based on a report of actual payroll submitted to NYSIF.
Summarizes estimated final premium for a specific policy period based on estimated payroll in lieu of actual payroll.
Deposit Rescind
Gives credit for deposit premium billed for the period that is being revised.
Earned Premium Rescind
Reverses previously issued earned premium for a policy period.
Dividend Rescind
Reverses previously issued dividends for a policy period.
Audit Adjustment
Adjusts the audit bill(s) in a policy period, either to correct the amount of payroll billed, to reallocate payroll from one classification to another, or to delete payroll billed for a subcontractor when the subcontractor provides proof of coverage.
Credits the audited premium of each member of a safety group by a percentage declared by that safety group.
Announcement adding, changing or deleting an Experience or PAP modification.
Adjustment EXP/PAP MOD
Issued after a recomp to correct the Experience Modification/PAP applied on audit bills produced for the policy period covered by the recomp.

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