Pay-As-You-Go Premiums

NYSIF PayGo aligns workers’ comp premiums to payroll each pay period. As payroll changes, so does your premium in a practical pay-as-you-go solution. Premiums are based on payroll in real-time, ensuing a direct connection to current business conditions all the time.

Read our rave reviews: PayGo Gets A+ from NYSIF Policyholders

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PayGo Delivers More

  • $0 upfront deposit – No upfront premium deposit needed to initiate coverage.
  • Maximize cash flow – Premium payments are better connected to your cash flow.
  • Meet payment deadlines – Reduces the possibility of missed payment deadlines.
  • Eliminate the need for an estimated audit – Lower your risk for additional premium charges at audit. 

Big Benefits for Seasonal Business

If payroll changes depending on the season, so should workers’ comp premiums. PayGo calculates premium payments that keep pace with the month-to-month flows of seasonal business. Landscapers, summer camps, ski resorts, golf courses, restaurants, marinas and more can all benefit from PayGo.

New – QuickBooks® Integration

PayGo can now be directly integrated with QuickBooks® for even greater convenience. This helpful option enhances the cash flow advantages of using PayGo.


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