PayGo: Premiums that Keep Pace with Your Business

PayGo is an automated electronic payment option that relies on real-time payroll to calculate your workers’ compensation premium payments. This pay-as-you-go solution ensures that your premium is accurately aligned with your payroll at all times.

Why PayGo is the Way to Go

  • Improve cash flow by reducing the upfront premium deposit.
  • Great for business that experiences fluctuations in payroll.
  • Automate payments to prevent missed payment deadlines.
  • Budget more effectively by having better control over business expenses.

How to Enroll in NYSIF PayGo

To enroll in PayGO, send an email to paygo@nysif.com or contact your NYSIF policy representative. To speed up your enrollment, make sure to have your policy number and the name of your payroll processor, if any, at hand.

If Paychex is your payroll processor, enroll directly with them on the Paychex website.


Is there a fee to enroll in PayGo?
NYSIF does not charge a fee for PayGo. However, payroll processing companies may assess a small fee on their end.
Who can participate in PayGo?
NYSIF PayGo is available for the majority of NYSIF policyholders regardless of premium size. However, for most contractors the policy premium must be $2,000 or above to participate in PayGo.
When can I enroll PayGo?
Policyholders can enroll in NYSIF PayGo at any time during the policy period.
Will a policyholder receive a bill from NYSIF while on this plan?
Policyholders will not receive a bill unless there is a balance related to a prior period. For a record of premium charges and payments, just log in to your online account at nysif.com where you can view your complete account history.
Will my premium payments be the same amount each month?
Since your premium payments are aligned to your actual payroll, your premium payments could fluctuate each month depending on changes to your payroll. Your premium payments will come from an account designated by you when you enroll in PayGo.
Will NYSIF require payroll verification for PayGo clients?
NYSIF will continue to verify payroll for workers' compensation policies, but we expect the process to be much simpler and convenient for PayGo customers.

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