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Need help with your payroll report? View the step-by-step process in our USER GUIDE.

Report Payroll for Accurate Premiums

DB and PFL premiums are initially based on a payroll projection at the beginning of the policy period. However since payroll can change over the period, a payroll report must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the period to align your premium to your actual payroll.

Report Payroll

Online Payroll can be reported online if you have an account at If not, sign up for one today and experience greater convenience in managing your NYSIF policy.

Report Payroll by Mail

Disability benefits policyholders who previously reported payroll via a paper form will automatically receive payroll report forms in the mail for the next reporting period. Please complete and return to NYSIF. If you have not received a notice to report payroll by the end of your policy period, call 1-866-NYSIFDB (697-4332).

It Pays to Report on Time

Failure to submit a timely payroll report will result in a 50% payroll adjustment, which increases the estimated premium (subject to revision when payroll is reported).

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