Affordable Enriched Benefits

Employers can choose up to five times statutory coverage at the same qualified standard rate as statutory disability benefits to increase weekly employee disability benefits in the event of a off-the-job injury or illness.

Enriched disability benefits insurance pays claim benefits equal to one-half the average weekly wage of the employee up to a maximum weekly benefit, as selected by the employer, of five times statutory coverage for 26 weeks (if required) within a 52-week period.

(cost per employee)
Maximum Weekly
Claim Benefit
Annual Premium Weekly Premium Minimum Annual
Policy Premium
Statutory $170 $24.75 $0.48 $60.00
Enriched at 1.5 x $170 $255 $37.13 $0.71 $90.00
Enriched at 2 x $170 $340 $49.50 $0.95 $120.00
Enriched at 2.5 x $170 $425 $61.88 $1.19 $150.00
Enriched at 3 x $170 $510 $74.26 $1.43 $180.00
Enriched at 4 x $170 $680 $99.01 $1.90 $240.00
Enriched at 5 x $170 $850 $123.76 $2.38 $300.00

NYSIF policyholders can apply for enriched disability benefits insurance when completing the application Form UDB-36. Policyholders can change disability benefits coverage annually prior to renewal by completing the Selection of Disability Benefits Insurance Coverage Change Form UDB-SOC. Qualified employers may be able to provide statutory disability benefits coverage or twice the statutory benefit at little or no cost to them.

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