Upload Audit Documents

Workers' compensation policyholders or their representatives can now conveniently and securely upload financial records in lieu of an on-premise audit or to resolve an audit issue. The new process securely delivers audit documents to the appropriate NYSIF auditor and will be automatically deleted from the system after 60 days.

You will need your policy number and your audit number or appointment ID to upload documents. You can find this number on your audit or appointment letter from NYSIF. Please see our User Guide for more details.

Visit our YouTube page for a demo on how to securely upload your audit documents.

Examples of forms that can be uploaded include:

  • Employee tax forms (1099, 1096, W­2, W­3)
  • Income tax returns (1120, 1065, 1040, 990)
  • Payroll tax returns (941, NYS­45, NYS­45 ATT)
  • Contracts, bills and invoices (for labor, services and materials)
  • Cash book (disbursements and receipts)
  • Check book/Day book with cash expenses
  • Certificates of insurance for subcontractors used
  • General ledger
  • Payroll book

Former policyholders can also take advantage of this new feature to submit documents online for previous incomplete audits. You must provide your policy number and the audit number for the policy period in question.

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