Policyholder Responsibilities

Promptly notify NYSIF of any of the following:

Changes to your business

  • Any change in the nature of the work performed by your employees
  • Any change in staffing and payroll
  • Any additional or new entities
  • Any change in business structure (i.e. incorporation)
  • Any new FEIN (Federal Employer's Identification Number)

Work-related injuries or illnesses

  • Notify NYSIF as soon as you have notice or knowledge of a work-related injury or illness.
  • Provide for immediate medical services as prescribed by Workers’ Compensation Law.
  • Provide a Claimant Information Packet to the claimant.
  • Provide details about claimants, witnesses and other information requested by NYSIF.
  • Cooperate fully in the investigation, proceeding, suit or settlement in defense of any claim.
  • Make no payment, assume no obligation and incur no expense, except at your own cost.

Policy cancellation

Send written notice to NYSIF specifying the proposed date of cancellation. Cancellation takes effect 30 days after the date of notification to NYSIF and 10 days after notice is filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board.


Promptly act on:

Requirement to post notice of workers' compensation coverage

Post a C-105 Notice of Compliance in all business locations. Policyholders who have no established business location, or are in the moving business, must post a C-105.1 in vehicles they own or operate. Your C-105 is included in your policy packet. For your convenience, the Notice of Compliance is immediately available to registered users online.

Billing, premium, payroll audit, workplace safety

  • Pay all premium bills when due.
  • Keep adequate records that are required to determine accurate premium.
  • Allow NYSIF to examine and audit all business records including storage programs for retrieving data related to your policy.
  • Allow NYSIF access to all workplaces for the purpose of risk assessment.
  • Maintain a safe work environment.

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