Payroll Verification

Why Payroll Verification Matters

Your billed premium is based on the payroll estimate you provide at the beginning of the policy year, which is how workers’ comp premiums are calculated across the insurance industry. However, over the over the course of the year, your payroll may change and payroll verification - also known as a workers' compensation audit - is necessary to align your premium to your actual payroll. 

3 Ways to Verify Payroll

NYSIF offers three convenient options to conduct a payroll verification or workers' compensation audit:

  • Onsite: To have a NYSIF auditor meet with you onsite at your place of business or a representative’s office, make an appointment using our Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS), which is available 24/7. Schedule the appointment for a time that’s most convenient for you.

  • Virtual Payroll Verification: Conduct your payroll verification and communicate with your NYSIF auditor in real time via video conference using Microsoft Teams.*  This is our recommended option if an in-person payroll verification is not available.
  • Audit Document Upload: Initiate your payroll verification remotely by submitting the required documents online at We will conduct the payroll verification in-house and then contact you to review the results.

*The trademarks MICROSOFT, MICROSOFT TEAMS, and related trademarks/logos are the trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. There is no affiliation between NYSIF and Microsoft, nor are NYSIF products and services endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft.

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