Audit Document Upload

Upload Payroll Documents at

Audit Document Upload allows you to send documents to us online at and have your audit conducted remotely. Once we receive your documents, in good order, we will conduct the audit here at NYSIF and then contact you to review the results. Documents you submit will be automatically deleted from our system after 60 days.

How to Get Started

You will first need your policy number and your audit number, or appointment ID, to upload documents. You can find this number on the audit appointment letter you received from NYSIF. Please see our User Guide for more details.

For Help, Watch Our Audit Video

For a helpful step-by-step guide on uploading your payroll verification documents successfully, please view our How to Upload Your Audit Documents video. You can also view the records you'll need here.

Former Policyholders

Former policyholders can also take advantage of the upload feature to submit documents online for previous incomplete audits. To do so, you must provide your policy number and the audit number for the specified policy period(s).

TIP: You can submit multiple documents in one upload, as long as your combined file size does not exceed 300MB.

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