Limiting Liability

As an employer, your full cooperation with all of the following is expected by NYSIF:

  • Minimizing the impact of workers' compensation claims
  • Ensuring prompt delivery of claimant services
  • Facilitating a medically-approved return to work
  • Allowing NYSIF to create custom safety and loss prevention programs for your business

Claims Reporting

Minimizing the impact of claims begins with claims reporting. Go to Report an Injury to submit a First Report of Injury to satisfy Workers' Compensation Board electronic reporting requirements.

Employers must file a first report of injury within 10 days of having knowledge of a work-related injury or illness. NYSIF is required to begin payments within 18 days of disability.

In all cases, notify NYSIF immediately if you are suspicious about a claim.

Role of the Case Manager

NYSIF case managers maximize recovery and outcomes and provide a single point of contact for claimants and policyholders.

Role of the Workers' Compensation Board

The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) issues and enforces all applicable fines and penalties under the Workers’ Compensation Law. The WCB makes decisions on all claims for workers’ compensation and disability benefits. Unresolved claims go through a hearing process before a Workers' Compensation Law Judge. A WCB panel hears appeals.

Role of the Hearing Rep and Attorney

NYSIF hearing reps appear at WCB hearings on behalf of the employer. Employers may be requested, or directed by the WCB, to appear at hearings. It is important that the employer appear in either case. NYSIF attorneys represent the employer and NYSIF in claims litigation.

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