Access Claims Information

Access Claims Information

Registered disability benefits policyholders can access claims payment information at any time through their NYSIF online account. Once you've logged in, simply choose "Claims Payment Report" from your home page. Enter the beginning and end dates for the period you’re interested in, and run the report with a single click.

Disability Benefits Activity Report

NYSIF sends out Benefit Activity Report (“BAR”) notices for all disability benefits claims in order to provide FICA information to policyholders for tax-reporting and tax-paying  purposes. These notices are sent any time there is a payment from or credit to a claim.

Paid Family Leave Claims Payment Report

Paid Family Leave claim information can be accessed by logging into your NYSIF online account and accessing the Claims Payment Report. This report provides employers with a listing of benefits paid and adjustments made under their policy. Policyholders should notify NYSIF immediately if a claimant returns to work or if the claims information provided does not match their records.

1099s for Claimants

Please note, employers have no responsibility to report on paid family leave wages; it is the claimant's duty to manage and report this taxable income. NYSIF will provide 1099s to all claimants at the end of the calendar year.

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