Safety Survey Checklist

Supervisors should make regular inspections of their areas to detect unsafe conditions, such as those arising from mishandling of materials, scrap accumulation, or wear and tear on machinery. Inspections should also observe employees for unsafe work acts.

Survey and record unsafe workplace conditions and acts that may include:


  • Structural safety – walls, floors, elevators, stairways, railings
  • Housekeeping – aisles, walking and working surfaces
  • Egress – unobstructed exits, visible exit signs
  • Fire Protection – extinguishers, sprinkler systems, water tanks, storage of flammables
  • Electrical – switchboxes, outlets, extensions
  • Lighting adequacy


  • Guarding, wiring, transmissions, shafting
  • Hand tools, power tools
  • Chains, cables, ropes subject to severe strain
  • Machinery, vehicles, tires


  • Atmospheric contaminants
  • Noise levels

Procedures, Practices

  • Safe practices in all operations
  • Personal protective equipment

Personal Action

  • Unsafe work or acts

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