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The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) was established in 1914 as part of the original enactment of the New York State Workers' Compensation Law. NYSIF's mission is to guarantee the availability of workers' compensation insurance at the lowest possible cost to New York employers and to provide timely, appropriate indemnity and medical payments to injured workers, while maintaining a solvent fund. Since inception, NYSIF has fulfilled the dual roles for which it was created: to compete with other carriers to ensure a fair market place and to be a guaranteed source of coverage for employers who cannot secure coverage elsewhere.

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Tax Filing for Paid Family Leave

December 14, 2018

Claimants who have received Paid Family Leave benefits from NYSIF in 2018 will receive a 1099-G form by January 31, 2019. Box 1 of the 1099-G will provide the claimant's total Paid Family Leave benefit payments for 2018. The claimant must report the total benefit payment amount as income at the time of tax filing.

This differs from the process for disability benefits, in which all disability benefit payments are reported by the employer on the employee’s W-2 form.

NYSIF's Redesigned Bill is Here!

November 30, 2018

NYSIF is pleased to announce the launch of our new bill. Redesigned to meet your needs, the bill reflects a specified minimum amount and due date, as well as the chronological listing of transactions that you requested. It also includes Policy Alerts unique to your policy, a Message Center that provides updates on NYSIF news and services, and informational boxes that contain helpful tips on avoiding interest charges.

Look out for your new bill, which you will receive soon. In the meantime, you can visit to learn more. We remain committed to making it easier for you to do business with us. Thank you for choosing NYSIF.

NYSIF Business Offices

January 18, 2019

Nearly every NYSIF inquiry can now be resolved online from the convenience of your home or office. Therefore, effective February 1, 2019, NYSIF will no longer accept in-person submission of applications, payments, certificates, claims, etc., at our offices. NYSIF has enhanced several of its online applications to provide you with the best way to interact with us. Please take a moment to explore our website, create an account and take advantage of these online features.

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