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New Virtual Payroll Verification

Workers’ compensation audits are more convenient than ever with NYSIF’s new Virtual Payroll Verification. Policyholders can meet with a NYSIF auditor right online via videoconference rather than in-person. It’s an innovation we developed during the social-distancing of COVID-19 and our customers so far love it! To see how convenient and easy Virtual Payroll Verification is, check out our new video – it shows the process and helps you get all set up.




NYSIF Field Operations Resume July 6

NYSIF has resumed routine, onsite field services as of July 6, 2021. Policyholders can now use our online audit scheduling system, PASS, to schedule in-person audits. Our Risk Control specialists also are ready to visit businesses for safety services or Code Rule 59 inspections at no additional cost. If you need to contact NYSIF to schedule a payroll verification or a safety service, just go to ‘Get Policy Help’ to find the policy representative dedicated to working on your behalf.

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Greater Online Convenience for You

NYSIF is making it easier for you to update contact information for your policy. Now, when you want to make changes to the mailing address and phone number for your policy, you can do so by logging in to your account at Recognizing you’re busy running your business during the day, this new feature allows you to make updates at your convenience.

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NYSIF Spring 2021 Workers' Comp Advisor

Having an online account at is the easiest way for workers’ compensation and disability benefits/PFL policyholders to do business with us. Now we’ve added features to make it even more convenient to manage your policy online. Learn more about our online service in the Spring 2021 Advisor.

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