New York State Insurance Fund

NYSIF Offers Coverage for
Out-Of-State Workers

NYSIF has announced that for the first time in its 108-year history it will extend coverage to policyholders' out-of-state employees.

“Since 1914, NYSIF has guaranteed the availability of workers' compensation insurance at the lowest possible cost to New York employers,” said NYSIF Executive Director and CEO Gaurav Vasisht. “We now extend that offer to workers in states beyond New York, permitting NYSIF policyholders to benefit from NYSIF’s competitive rates for all their employees.”

To participate, a business must have an active NYSIF workers’ compensation policy and have more workers’ comp premium or payroll in New York State than in all other states combined.

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NYSIF's Climate Action Plan

As part of the 2022 State of the State, Governor Hochul directed New York State authorities, public benefit corporations and NYSIF — totaling roughly $40 billion in assets — to achieve greater climate resiliency in their investment portfolios and scale up investment in renewable energy and other sustainable solutions. NYSIF has created an aggressive Climate Action Plan in accordance with this directive.

NYSIF Executive Director and CEO Gaurav Vasisht said, "Under Governor Hochul's visionary leadership, New York is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 85 percent by 2050. As an insurer and asset owner, NYSIF looks forward to doing its part by decarbonizing its investments, financing green solutions, and collaborating with others to drive positive change and build a more equitable and prosperous future."


NYSIF Waives Credit Card Transaction Fees for Small Business Policyholders

NYSIF is waiving credit card transaction fees for eligible small business policyholders who enroll in, or currently use, paperless billing. Under the program, when an eligible  policyholder enrolls in paperless documents (bills &  policy documents), NYSIF will waive the 2.25% fee that normally applies on credit card premium payments. Any policyholder in good financial standing and whose annual workers’ compensation premium is ≤ $10,000, or whose annual disability premium is ≤ $1,000, will be eligible. PFL premiums will not be counted toward determining eligibility.

NYSIF Executive Director and CEO Gaurav Vasisht said: “Eliminating credit card transaction fees will lessen the burden on small businesses, which fuel the state’s economy, and encouraging paperless transactions will promote climate resiliency.”


NYSIF to Assist Licensed Cannabis Businesses With Insurance Needs

The NYS Office of Cannabis Management announced that the State will begin a campaign to assist hundreds of established and emerging New York businesses that have been licensed to participate in the state’s legalized, recreational cannabis market. The campaign, led by NYSIF, will help these companies fulfill their workers’ compensation, disability, and paid family leave requirements, and ensure that their workers are fully protected if they are injured on or off the job. Companies may qualify for upfront premium discounts and may also be eligible to join NYSIF’s safety group program for additional savings.


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