New York State Insurance Fund

New NYSIF Report: Long Covid

NYSIF has released a report analyzing its Covid-19 workers' compensation claims to shine a light on Long Covid, a multifaceted syndrome causing new, returning, or ongoing symptoms in people after their initial infection.

"As a large insurer with a public purpose, NYSIF is uniquely positioned to leverage its data to inform the broader conversation on Long Covid, including its ongoing, cascading, and yet-unclear implications for employers and the workforce," said NYSIF Executive Director and CEO Gaurav Vasisht.

An article by the New York Times, published January 24, 2023, further quoted Mr. Vasisht: “The longer you’re out of work, the harder it is for you to get back to work, and that can stigmatize patients. It could be highly disruptive to their family and professional lives.”

Read the full report


MWBE Investment Symposium

NYSIF Hosts MWBE Investment Symposium

NYSIF recently hosted its 13th Annual Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Investment Symposium to improve and expand financial opportunities to MWBE investment firms. Speakers on this critical issue included several leaders at NYSIF, including Executive Director & CEO Gaurav Vasisht, Chairman Kenneth Theobalds (both pictured above), Chief Investment Officer Greg Francis, and Commissioner Alexis Thomas. Topics at the symposium included NYSIF’s Investment MWBE Program, new ESG market opportunities, better navigating the due diligence process, investing in Africa, and measuring DEI progress.


NYSIF Hosts Climate Action Panel

How can asset owners integrate climate action into their investment portfolios, guard against highly improbably “black swan” events and learn to recognize and mitigate obviously dangerous “gray rhino” risks? In January, a panel comprised of NYSIF Executive Director & CEO Gaurav Vasisht and leading, global investors Judith Rodin, President Emerita, Rockefeller Foundation & University of Pennsylvania; Andrew Parry, Head of Investments, J.O. Hambro Capital Management; and Jeffrey Bohn, Chief Strategy Officer, One Concern, shared insights into this burgeoning field during our recent discussion, “Climate Action: Integration into Investment Decisions.” The panel was moderated by Anika Becker, NYSIF ESG and Sustainability Lead and introduced by Rajith Sebastian, NYSIF Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing.

Watch the video.

Read the bios of our panelists.


NYSIF to Assist Licensed Cannabis Businesses With Insurance Needs

The NYS Office of Cannabis Management announced that the State will begin a campaign to assist hundreds of established and emerging New York businesses that have been licensed to participate in the state’s legalized, recreational cannabis market. The campaign, led by NYSIF, will help these companies fulfill their workers’ compensation, disability, and paid family leave requirements, and ensure that their workers are fully protected if they are injured on or off the job. Companies may qualify for upfront premium discounts and may also be eligible to join NYSIF’s safety group program for additional savings.


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