Avoid Estimated Audits

Estimated audits occur due to missed audit appointments or late filing of audit reports, and can result in a larger premium debit balance than that of an actual audit. A subsequent, actual audit may generate a smaller debit balance or, possibly, a credit balance.

To avoid an estimated audit:

  • Take the audit and audit appointment seriously - don’t ignore scheduled appointment notices.
  • Make every attempt to keep your audit appointment. Use our Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS) to schedule or reschedule your appointment.
  • File audit reports on time.
  • Notify NYSIF immediately of material changes to your operations, including:
    • changes in ownership
    • covered locations and entities
    • payroll (including new hires)
    • the size and nature of the operations

These changes may greatly influence your audit billing. See Amending a Policy.

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