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Reporting Your Own Payroll

Certain employers, generally small businesses with few employees, are able to avoid an onsite or online audit by completing a payroll verification form, which will be sent to you from NYSIF. 

For policyholders that receive notice from NYSIF, please complete the payroll verification within 30 days from receipt of the notice. Failure to submit the reporting form may result in NYSIF conducting an estimated audit, which could lead to higher premium costs.

Tips on Completing the Reporting Forms

  • Owners, officers, members, and partners and their gross wages must be included in the owners/officers/members/partners section, even if they are excluded from coverage. This information is needed to properly adjust total gross wages by excluding or limiting total gross payroll when applicable.
  • For classification descriptions that include clerical work, add clerical payroll to the regular employee payroll, and enter it in the payroll column.
  • For employees who perform multiple duties (clerical and duties described by classification), include payroll under the classification that closely describes the nature of the business or the non-clerical work that the employee performs.

To learn more about coverage in special circumstances or whether a worker belongs on your payroll, visit Identifying Independent Contractors: Interpreting the Fair Play Act.

Mailing Your Forms

To submit a Payroll Report or Self-Audit Report with a Document Number in letter/number format such as A1B2C3D4E5F6, please email the fully completed form to your policy rep or mail it to:

PO Box 66699
Albany, NY 12206

Report Payroll for Domestic Workers

Follow the steps outlined to report payroll for domestic workers by classification code:

For 0913 or 0912 (more than 20 hours per week):

  • Count the number of full-time employees who worked more than 20 hours a week during the same time period.
  • Enter the payroll paid, the number of employees, and the locations indicated for the period listed.
  • List the number of concurrent full-time domestics under "Total."

For Code 0909 or 0908 (20 hours or less per week):

  • Determine the total number of hours worked (on average) per week, and divide by 20.
  • Enter the resulting number under “Total.” Example: For a total of 80 hours, divide 80 by 20. The number entered would be 4. You must enter a minimum number of 1.
  • Enter the payroll paid, number of employees, and locations indicated for the period listed.

More information on hiring household workers is available from the Department of Labor and the Department of Taxation and Finance.

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