Medical Provider Network

NYSIF uses a medical provider network to help reduce the medical cost of workers' compensation claims. A claimant’s use of the provider network is strictly voluntary.

NYSIF policyholders who post or distribute employee information about NYSIF's medical provider network must clearly communicate the following:

  • Use of the network is strictly voluntary.
  • The injured worker retains the right to use any physician, podiatrist, chiropractor, or psychologist authorized by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board for the treatment of any work-related injury or illness.
  • The injured worker may obtain a list of authorized healthcare providers from the Workers' Compensation Board.
  • The injured worker may choose or change a healthcare provider at will without jeopardizing medical or indemnity benefits.
  • The injured worker must receive the Claimant Information Packet from the employer, and sign and return Form C-3.1. (Notice of Right to Select a Workers' Compensation Board Authorized Health Care Provider).

See Provider Networks to find network medical providers and pharmacies for NYSIF workers' compensation claims, or request a medical provider list by calling 1-800-842-2917.

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