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How to Report Fraud

If you suspect that workers’ compensation or disability benefits fraud is happening, you can report it confidentially and anonymously by calling 1-877-WCNYSIF (926-9743) or using the button below.

Workers' Comp Fraud

The consequences of workers’ comp fraud reach far beyond the fraud and its victim.  Fraud leads to lower trust and higher costs for all. Insurance fraud costs New York consumers millions of dollars every year in the form of increased premiums and higher prices for goods and services. Given the impact, it’s in everyone’s best interest – especially employers, employees and healthcare providers – to recognize and report workers’ comp fraud.  

Workers’ comp claims can typically involve three parties: the injured worker or claimant, the policyholder or employer, and healthcare providers. Each of these parties can commit fraud, sometimes in collaboration with one another. Here’s a breakdown on key types of workers’ comp fraud:

Employer Fraud Claims Fraud Healthcare Fraud

Perpetrator: Employers/Policyholders

Fraud Committed: Misrepresenting facts – through lying or omission – about a business, revenue, employees, or individual workers’ comp claims.

Motive: To pay lower workers’ comp premiums or to discourage or deny claims from legitimately injured employees. 

Perpetrator: Employees

Fraud Committed: Faking or exaggerating an on-the-job injury or illness.

Motive: To obtain workers’ comp benefits to which the employee is not otherwise entitled. 

Perpetrator: Healthcare providers

Fraud Committed: Misrepresentation concerning medical treatment for a workers’ comp claimant via bill or invoice.

Motive: To be paid for medical treatment that was never conducted, or in some cases, never even needed.

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