To Amend a Disability Benefits Policy

Mail disability benefits insurance correspondence to:

NYSIF Document Control Center
Disability Benefits
1 Watervliet Avenue Extension
Albany, NY 12206-1629

Voluntary Cancellation

Policyholders must provide written notice to NYSIF within 30 days of their intent to cancel a policy. If a cancellation request is less than 30 days from the policy anniversary date, the policyholder is responsible for any premium payment that extends beyond the anniversary date.

To cancel a policy, please complete a Form UDB-89 and mail it to the address above. You may also fax it to 518-437-5278.

Name and/or Address Change

Immediately notify NYSIF if the name and/or address of a business or entity changes. Name changes require a completed “Assignment of Interest Agreement” Form UDB-37 to be returned to NYSIF. Submit address changes in writing, or note them on your payment remittance slip.

Non-Payment Cancellation

NYSIF begins non-payment cancellation when balances are not paid within 30 days of the monthly billing notice. NYSIF will reinstate a policy if payment is received prior to the final non-payment cancellation date. Policyholders must pay any outstanding balance on a canceled policy before obtaining a new policy from NYSIF.


Request refunds when a credit balance occurs on an account if there are no outstanding payroll reports and the current estimated policy period is paid in full. Be sure to include the NYSIF disability benefits policy number on the request. Allow two to three weeks to process refunds.

Upon cancellation, a final payroll report is required to calculate final premium.

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