About Insurance Representatives

PLEASE NOTE:   Effective December 5, 2016, NYSIF will stop mailing client information pages to policyholder representatives. Client declarations, renewals, rebills, audits and similar documents will be available to representatives electronically through their online accounts at nysif.com. Cancellation notices will continue to be sent via the U.S. mail. In order to optimize the convenience of information page electronic retrieval, we have developed filters to facilitate searching, and NYSIF will send an email alert to representatives when information pages are issued for client policies. We encourage all representatives to register for a NYSIF online account.

Acting On Your Client's Behalf

Authorized insurance agents, brokers, accountants or other designees can act on their client’s behalf in all policy matters and have online access to policy information and documents. 

Follow these steps for retrieving electronic policy documents.

These links help representatives serve clients for workers’ compensation insurance and disability benefits insurance needs.

NYSIF Insurance Plans 

Policyholder Responsibilities - Workers' Comp Policies

Policyholder Responsibilities - Disability Benefits Policies

More about Workers' Compensation and Disability Benefits

Applying for Insurance

Submit an Application for NYSIF Workers' Compensation Insurance

Submit an Application for NYSIF Disability Benefits Insurance

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