7,500 Workers to Receive Back Wages, Damages (07/26/2016)NYSIF Announces Electronic Access to Policy Information Pages for Policyholders (07/14/2016)Landmark Legislation Fights Heroin, Opioid Crisis (06/24/2016)Governor Announces Zika Awareness Plan (05/26/2016)NYSIF Announces Expansion of Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Payment Service (05/13/2016)NYSIF Announces QR Code for Instant Validation of Certificates of Insurance (05/06/2016)NYSIF Announces Electronic Access to Policy Information Pages for Representatives (04/21/2016)NYSIF Announces Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Service (04/15/2016)NYSIF Announces eApplication for Brokers (04/07/2016)NYSIF Announces Fast Online Account Access (04/01/2016)OSHA Form 300A Posting Requirement (02/03/2016)


NYSIF Announces Online Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS) (11/13/2015)NYSIF Announces New Features Added to Online Workers’ Compensation Application (10/19/2015)NYSIF Reduces Loss Cost Multiplier (09/18/2015)Emergency Legionella Regulations Take Effect (08/18/2015)Governor Announces Record Pace for Recovered Wages (08/17/2015)Governor Cuomo Announces Free Legionella Testing For Eligible Buildings (08/07/2015)Use Direct Deposit for Benefit Payments (07/29/2015)NYSIF Announces Launch of Online Medical Provider Portal (08/15/2015)WCB Update on Fees, Benefits (06/19/2015)Agreement on Legislation to Protect Nail Salon Workers (06/18/2015)OSHA's New HazCom Standard In Effect (06/03/2015)Public Education Campaign Addresses Protections for Nail Salon Workers (05/21/2015)Governor Introduces Legislation to Protect Nail Salon Workers (05/20/2015)Governor Announces Task Force to Stop Abuse in Nail Salons (05/11/2015)Governor Announces MWBE Workshops (04/03/2015)Workers' Memorial Day, 2015 (04/28/2015)$3.5M Susan Harwood Training Grants Available (04/23/2015)NYSIF Enhances Premium Audit Pages (03/17/2015)New Blanket Waiver of Subrogation (03/03/2015)NYSIF Hosts M/WBE Investment Symposium (02/24/2015)Prevent Ice-Related Falls (02/23/2015)OSHA Log Posting Begins Feb. 1 (02/03/2015)Manage Safety for Best Results (01/14/2015)NYSIF - Changes to OSHA 300 Log Recordkeeping (01/09/2015)It's Cold Outside, Take Precautions (01/07/2015)New OSHA Reporting Requirements In Effect (01/05/2015)


Governor Cuomo Announces Low-Interest Loans Available For Winter Storm, Flood Damage (12/19/2014)Governor Cuomo Announces Holiday Giving Drive (12/5/2014)Governor Cuomo Outlines Flood Preparedness in Western New York (11/24/2014)Executive Order Ensures Continued Healthcare During Snowstorm (11/21/2014)NYSIF Buffalo Office Remains Closed, Governor Issues Storm Update (11/21/2014)NYSIF Buffalo Office Remains Closed, Governor Issues Storm Update (11/20/2014)State Office Closures in Storm Areas (11/19/2014)Governor Declares State of Emergency for Counties Affected By Storm (11/19/2014)Governor Cuomo Announces Workers' Comp Costs Will Drop By $45 Million (10/31/2014)Governor Cuomo Outlines State Response to Positive Test For Ebola in Patient in New York City (10/24/2014)Governor Cuomo Announces Ebola Preparedness Plan (10/20/2014)Good News for Policyholders and Certificate Holders (10/01/2014)Governor Cuomo Announces 2014 MWBE Forum (09/11/2014)NYSIF Announces New IVR (07/28/2014)New York State Insurance Fund Celebrating 100th Year (07/01/2014)NYSIF Announces Four Appointments to the Board of Commissioners (06/30/2014)OSHA: $7M for Susan Harwood safety and health training grants now available (05/16/2014) Governor Cuomo Announces NYSIF To Host MWBE Investment Forum (02/21/2014)NYSIF Announces New Anti-Fraud Director (02/07/2014)NYSIF Reminds Employers of OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements (02/03/2014)Governor Announces Small Business Mentoring Program (01/31/2014)NYSIF Board Elects Kenneth R. Theobalds Chairman (01/24/2014)NYSIF Board Elects Barry Swidler Vice Chairman (01/24/2014)Governor Cuomo Announces Appointment of Eric Madoff as NYSIF Executive Director (01/14/2014)NYSIF Welcomes Executive Director (01/06/2014)


NYSIF Mourns Chief Executive Deputy Director Dennis Hayes (12/12/2013)Reminder to Policyholders Using Out-of-State Sub-Contractors (11/13/2013)NYSIF Unveils 100th Anniversary Logo (11/4/2013)Governor Announces Workers' Comp. Improvements (10/31/2013)Governor's Business Services Initiative (10/17/2013)NYSIF Releases 2012 Annual Report (07/29/2013)OSHA Offers Training and Education Grants (05/16/2013)NYSIF Introduces All-In-One Welcome Guide (05/14/2013)NYSIF Announces the Passing of Acting Chairman H. Sidney Holmes, III (04/23/2013)Governor Details $1.2B Savings from Major Reforms to Workers Comp. in Budget (04/08/2013)NYSIF Mourns Loss of Commissioner and Business Leader (03/05/2013)Reminder for Employers: Wage Theft Prevention Act (01/25/2013)


Governor Cuomo Extends Payment Due Date For NYSIF Policyholders Affected By Hurricane Sandy (11/28/2012)Hurricane Sandy Update (11/05/2012)Hurricane Sandy Update (11/02/2012)Hurricane Sandy Update (11/01/2012)Hurricane Sandy Update 10/31/2012Hurricane Sandy Update 10/30/2012Hurricane Sandy Update (10/29/2012)Governor Announces Help for Long-Term Unemployed (09/25/2012)NYSIF Announces New Web Design to Accommodate Mobile Devices (09/21/2012)NYSIF Releases 2011 Annual Report (08/02/2012)USDOL Offers Funding to Help Storm Cleanup (07/03/2012)Website and IVR Maintenance Scheduled (04/26/2012)OSHA Announces Safety Training Grants (04/18/2012)Gov. Announces Additional Flood Aid; Grant Deadline (03/15/2012)WCB Will Move to eClaims Filing (03/05/2012)First Installment on $2.5M Restitution (02/13/2012)OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping (02/07/2012)


CIO Linda Zafonte Named to Computerworld’s List of Premier 100 IT Leaders (12/21/2011)NYSIF Warns of Spoofing Scam (12/16/2011)State Agencies Combat Fraud (12/13/2011)Governor Cuomo, Legislature Announce Comprehensive Plans to Create Jobs, Grow Economy (12/06/2011)Plattsburgh Contractor Charged with Double-Dipping (11/17/2011)Seek Comments on Carpel Tunnel Guidelines (10/05/2011)NYSIF 2010 Annual Report Available Online (09/22/2011)Gov. Announces Storm Aid for More CountiesGovernor Announces Fed Aid for Lee (09/14/2011)NYSIF Wins Three Communications Awards (07/13/2011)Albany Woman Draws Prison Sentence (06/27/2011)NYSIF Announces Appointment of Dennis J. Hayes as Chief Executive Deputy Director (06/14/2011)Former Corrections Officer Busted for Comp Fraud (05/09/2011)Construction Exec Caught (04/29/2011)13 People From Eight Counties Arrested (03/20/2011)Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo On The 100th Anniversary Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (03/25/2011)Woman Extradited from Utah and Arraigned for Insurance Fraud (03/23/2011)Accountant Arrested for Falsifying Payroll Records (03/15/2011)Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire - CommemorativeNotice on Medical Variances (02/8/2011)


Roof Falls In On Two Biz Owners in Fraud Cases (12/23/2010)Sweepstakes Scam Uses Fake State ChecksBuffalo Man Charged With Fraud Low Interest Loans Available for New York Small Business (11/22/2010)NYSIF Announces Recommendation of Care Program (10/29/2010) Notice to Policyholders: Construction Industry Fair Play Act (10/21/2010)Cleaning Co. Owner Charged in Fraud (10/19/2010)Drywaller Charged in $600G Comp Fraud (10/19/2010)Taxi Driver Hit with Fraud Charge (1o/13/2010)Correction Officer Charged With Fraud (10/12/2010)New York Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program Notice (09/30/2010)NYSIF eCHECK Popularity Grows (09/29/2010)Carting Company Owner Charged (09/23/2010)NYSIF Successfully Launches $150 Million Emerging Manager Program (08/26/2010)AM Best: As Premiums for Workers' Comp Plunge, Companies Boost Their Selectivity (08/23/2010)WCB Issues POC Manual (08/10/2010)Yellow Cab Co. Takes Fraud Hit (08/06/2010)NYSIF Check Scam Resurfaces (07/19/2010)NYSIF Reminds Employers of Safety Training Grants (07/15/2010)NYSIF Releases 2009 Annual ReportNYSIF Warns of Legal Package Hoax (06/02/2010)Straight Talk About Workers’ Comp. Rates (04/05/2010)NYSIF Offers Enriched Disability Benefits (03/24/2010)NYSIF Safety Group Sews Up Big Dividend (03/23/2010)NYSIF Attracts M/WBE Business in Financial ServicesNYSIF Announces 2009 Anti-Fraud Results (02/23/2010)NYSIF Distributes $173.3M Dividend (01/02/2010)NYSIF Reminds Policyholders to Post OSHA Illness/Injury Summaries (01/28/2010)


NYSIF Lowers Disability Benefits Rates (12/29/2009)

NYSIF Deputy Director Gleason Presented With NYCA Award of Excellence (12/16/2009)NYSIF Reminds Businesses of the Potential Costs of Self-Insured Trusts (12/10/2009)DCI Director Speaks to Dairy Group (12/2/2009)NYSIF Introduces Medical Billing Inquiry Service (10/21/2009)NYSIF Celebrates 95 Years (09/29/2009)NYSIF Issues Warning About Counterfeit Checks (09/14/2009)NYSIF Declares First Year of eCHECK a Success! (08/28/2009)NYSIF Encourages Businesses to Learn More About Self-Insured Trusts (08/20/2009)Governor Paterson Announces Administration Appointments (08/14/2009)NYSIF Announces 2008 Annual Report Online (08/05/2009)NYSIF Helps Feds in Premium Fraud Prosecution (08/04/2009)NYSIF Announces New Disability Benefits Automated Quote System (07/23/2009)NYSIF Offers Grant Winners Free Safety Training (07/14/2009)Governor Paterson’s Aide, Francine James, Joins NYSIF Executive Team (07/08/2009)NYSIF Disability Benefits Policyholders Get Rate Reduction (07/01/2009)NYSIF Announces Procurement for Emerging Manager of Managers (06/29/2009)NYSIF Supports National Safety Month (06/19/2009)Construction Company Guilty in Payroll Scheme (06/16/2009)Suffolk Contractor Repays $20,000 (06/15/2009)James J. Wrynn Named NYSIF Executive Director 04/29/2009Chairman's Message to NYSIF Policyholders (03/12/2009)NYSIF Board of Commissioners Announces Executive Staff Changes (03/11/2009)Notice to Policyholders on Changes in Ohio Law (03/05/2009)NYSIF Anti-Fraud Program Sets Savings Record (01/31/2009)


NYSIF Launches eCHECK (7/10/2008)NYSIF Enhances NYSIF.com Homepage (03/24/2008)Father/Daughter Concrete Biz Indicted (03/11/08)NYSIF Adds Safety Posters In Spanish (02/06/2008)Post Summary of Injuries (02/05/2008)


Construction Safety Resources Increased (09/26/2007)Annual Report Online (09/25/2007)NYSIF Announces Policyholders’ Forums – Managing Your Workers’ Comp Costs (08/31/2007)NYSIF Adds New Online Service for Medical Providers - Explanation of Benefits (08/30/2007)Complete NYSIF Publications Now Available Online (08/08/2007)NYSIF Encourages Employers to be Proactive All Year Long at Conclusion of National Safety Month (06/29/2007)NYSIF Streamlines Medical Billing Process (05/22/2007)Underreporting Payroll and Misclassifying Employees Now Felonies (04/17/2007)NYSIF Announces 2007 Educational Forums for Policyholders (02/21/2007)Reminder to Employers to Post OSHA Injury Summary (02/06/2007)


New York Claim Association Honors NYSIF CEO David Wehner (12/11/2006)NYSIF Now Offers Online Policy Access to DB Insurance Representatives (11/10/2006)NYSIF Workplace Safety Guide Available Online (10/06/2006)Notice to Policyholders: New Remittance Addresses (05/04/2010)NYSIF Brochure Helps Businesses With Premium Audits (09/15/2006)NYSIF Announces Release of Free Safety Posters (09/07/2006)Read The Workers’ Comp. Advisor Online! (07/21/2006)NYSIF 2005 Annual Report Highlights Service to NY Workers and Business (07/20/2006)Glendale District Office Closed June 28, 2006 (06/28/2006)Expansive, New Web Site Launched by NYSIF (06/12/2006)CEO Wehner Announces OSHA Training Held in Hudson Valley (04/21/2006)New York State Insurance Fund Announces Death of Chairman Morris (04/19/2006)New York State Insurance Fund Publishes Dual-Language Brochures (04/18/2006)NYSIF Announces New Online Service - Certificate Validation (03/14/2006)NYSIF Honors Catskill Auto Dealership (02/16/2006)NYSIF Board of Commissioners Names David Wehner CEO/Executive Director (01/01/2006)