Recommendation Of Care Program Medical Provider Network

NYSIF offers policyholders a Recommendation of Care (ROC) program with the potential of up to 15% savings on the medical cost of claims. ROC participation by NYSIF policyholders is voluntary and requires no registration. Achieve cost savings by using the Coventry Workers’ Compensation Services network, totaling more than 34,000 participating providers.

Policyholders can assist in holding down the cost of medical claims by taking the following steps:

A.) If an employee is injured on the job, provide the employee with information about ROC network providers. To locate a network provider use or request a local provider listing at 1-800-842-2917.

If you choose to post or provide employee communication regarding the ROC program it must clearly indicate that:

1. Use of the ROC medical provider network is strictly voluntary.
2. For the treatment of any work-related injury or illness, the injured worker retains the right to seek treatment by any physician, podiatrist, chiropractor, or psychologist authorized by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board.
3. The injured worker may obtain a list of authorized healthcare providers from the Workers’ Compensation Board.
4. The injured worker may choose or change a healthcare provider at will without jeopardizing medical or indemnity benefits.

B.) When an employee sustains a work-related injury/illness the policyholder must provide the injured worker with the Claimant Information Packet (available in multi-languages from the Forms page) at the time of injury. This packet includes a Form C-3.1, “Notice of Right to Select a Workers' Compensation Board Authorized Health Care Provider.”

1. Have the injured worker sign and return the C-3.1 form to the policyholder.
2. Keep a record of receipt of the signed C-3.1 form, and maintain the signed original.
3. Follow-up to obtain the signed form if the injured worker fails to return the C-3.1 form.
4. Clearly document all attempts to obtain the signed C-3.1 form (letters, phone calls, etc.).

Receipt or non-receipt of the signed C-3.1 form must not hinder any injured employee in securing timely, appropriate treatment for a work-related injury/illness.