Claims Payments

Disability benefits are only paid when you are disabled. Benefits do not include time off for family illness, injury or adoption.

The benefit rate is 50% of the employee’s average gross wages for the last eight weeks up to a maximum benefit of $170 per week. Claimants must be out of work eight (8) consecutive days to be eligible for benefits. The first week (seven days) is an unpaid waiting period. The maximum benefit is payable up to 26 weeks in a 52-week period.

Pregnancy related disabilities are paid the same as any other disability claim. Generally, a claimant is covered six (6) weeks after a normal delivery and eight (8) weeks after a Caesarian section (the first week is a non-paid waiting week). Time off from work requires medical documentation by the medical provider. The disability may be extended before or after pregnancy if there are complications.

Medical documentation for the disability must be provided for all periods you are requesting payment. Benefit checks are processed every two weeks.