How to Submit a Medical Bill

Electronic Submission of Bills and Documentation

Medical providers may receive faster payment from NYSIF once registered to submit bills through one of NYSIF’s authorized billing vendors. Please choose one of the following:

Please note that these websites' privacy and security policies, if any, may differ from NYSIF's. Learn more about outbound links: Terms and Conditions

ImageWork: or call Kelly Thompson at (914) 281-1363

iHCFA: or call William DeGasperis at (973) 451-9415 ext. 8232

Paper Submission of Bills and Documentation by U.S. Mail

Effective December 1, 2015, only the following documentation should be submitted to the PO Box listed below:

  • WCB prescribed medical reporting forms (C-4s, C-5, OT/PT-04, PS-4)
  • CMS1500, HCFA1500
  • UB-04

These are the only form types that should be sent to this PO Box. All supporting documentation must be included with the submission. Please note that C-4AUTH requests and MG-2 variance requests should not be sent to this PO box.

P.O. Box 66699
Albany NY 12206

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