Premium Audit Scheduling System

NYSIF's Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS) enables you or your representative to choose the date, time and location of a premium audit appointment in New York or New Jersey. The system is available 24/7, which eliminates most instances where you have to wait for business hours to contact NYSIF to schedule or reschedule an audit.

Visit our YouTube page for a demo on how to schedule or reschedule your audit appointment using NYSIF PASS.

At the end of an audit period, NYSIF will mail a letter that includes your assigned audit number to you or to your designated audit contact. Using this audit number and the policyholder number, you can access PASS, select an appointment date and time, and choose the appropriate audit location.

If you choose to wait for an auditor to contact you, NYSIF will schedule a date and time for the
audit. If that date, time or location is not convenient, you can access PASS and reschedule.

To reschedule an existing appointment, you or your representative must enter the policyholder number and appointment ID number found on the appointment letter containing the original audit date.

PASS is also available to you if your policy is cancelled, or if you have received an estimated audit. If your policy is cancelled, we will mail you a letter with the information that you will need to use PASS. Similarly, if your audit is estimated, we will send you an estimated audit document with the necessary information.

For each scheduling option, once you click “Confirm” to finalize your appointment, you will receive a confirmation message at the email address you provided. The message will include an audit appointment letter confirming your audit date, time, location, along with other important information.

The system will allow you to reschedule or cancel an appointment once per policy period, but you must reschedule the appointment with an auditor as soon as possible to avoid an estimated audit.

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