NYSIF Out of State Coverage

NYSIF is pleased to announce we are now able to write workers' compensation coverage for a policyholder's out-of-state employees, securing the payment of benefits under the laws of states other than New York.

To participate in NYSIF's Out-of-State Coverage program, a business must:

  • have an active NYSIF workers’ compensation policy (or apply for one)
  • have more workers’ comp premium or payroll in New York State than in all other states combined
  • meet NYSIF underwriting guidelines

Apply Now

Download ACORD Form 130 Submit Your Application

Download ACORD Form 130 and be sure to include a detailed description of your operations and payrolls by state/location, as well as your loss history, if applicable. Include any special circumstances or coverage preferences such as endorsements, deductibles, employers’ liability limits, etc.

Email us or call 866-405-5498 with any questions. (Please note that you cannot obtain out-of-state coverage by requesting a quote via our online application.)

Out-of-State Coverage FAQs

How to Report a NYSIF Out-of-State Claim

A work-related injury or illness that occurred in a state other than New York must be reported to Zurich North America, the administrator for these claims. Notifying NYSIF of the injury/illness does not constitute sufficient notice.

Report the injury online at zurichna.com. Review the Zurich Claims Reporting User Guide for additional information.

You can also report an injury via:

Injured Workers: How to Access Information Regarding an Out-of-State Claim

Your claim will be managed by Zurich North America. Please take a moment to watch this video from Zurich, which provides details on how your claim will proceed.

If you have questions about your claim or need to talk to a case manager, you can obtain contact information with your 10-digit claim number and date of accident. (If you are having trouble finding your claim professional, please call Zurich’s Customer Care Center at 800-987-3373 for further assistance.)

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