Scott Maddalo, MD


Scott Maddalo, MD: Scott joined NYSIF in 2022 from Arbicare, an organization that specializes in utilization management for workers’ compensation cases, where he served as Physician Reviewer. In that role, he led meetings on quality control for the claims review process, conducted chart reviews on pain management and orthopedic surgery case submissions to workers’ compensation carriers and performed reviews for case appeals. He also managed clinical and nonclinical staff in the review process, which included teaching about updated clinical guidelines.

Dr. Maddalo is also a published author whose work has appeared in books: Sleep Medicine for Dentists: An Evidence-Based Overview, Second Edition, and Academic Pain Medicine, as well as numerous publications including the Journal of Cardiology Cases, Clinical and Translational Science and The Journal of Physical Chemistry. He received his MD/MS in Clinical Investigation from the New York University School of Medicine and a BA in Chemistry from Connecticut College.

The Medical Director is responsible for the development of training, mentoring and direction of all claims and nursing staff on medical issues. He will oversee the analysis and management of healthcare for claimants, the review of physical treatments and diagnoses and the management of prescription practices.  

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