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Now There's a Better Way for DB/PFL Customers to Access Policy Documents

NYSIF Disability Benefits (DB)/Paid Family Leave (PFL) policyholders can now access your policy documents online.

Enjoy a new way to securely access your documents, sign-up to receive email notifications, and get your documents and billing statements faster.

Three Easy Steps

  • Log-in at Select “Account Management” from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose your options: Tell us you want to receive your premium bill and/or policy documents online.

  • Set up email notifications: Elect to receive email notifications as soon as new bills and policy documents are available. By clicking the “Notification Management” tab, you can even add other authorized users to help you manage your policy.

It’s never been easier for policyholders to access their documents online. Your documents are available 24/7 through your online account.

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