Close up of physician's hands holding a stylist to a writing tablet

NYSIF Aids Feds in Identifying Healthcare Fraud

Three NYSIF staffers provided critical assistance to law enforcement authorities in a case involving a medical provider convicted of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and healthcare fraud in the Buffalo area last fall.


The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) identified the physician as Dr. Eugene Gosy, 60, who prescribed controlled substances “outside the reasonable practice of medicine and without a legitimate medical purpose.” Dr. Gosy was sentenced to serve 70 months in prison.

Joint NYSIF Effort

The investigation was led by the FBI/Western New York Health Care Task Force, which includes NYSIF’s Division of Confidential Investigations (DCI). NYSIF staffers in DCI, Underwriting and Claims worked together to aid the part of the investigation that included healthcare fraud.

Our pursuit of billing fraud against the doctor became strong evidence in the case, which showed Dr. Gosy billed NYSIF for treatment he said he conducted although he was out of the country at the time.

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