A woman in hardhat and work jacket uses a computer tablet during a warehouse survey for safety risks

NYSIF Field Services Is Now Risk Control

NYSIF's Field Services department is now our Risk Control department, where staff are placing greater emphasis on helping you with loss prevention.

“We are committed to working with our policyholders to reduce losses,” Assistant Director of Policyholder Services John DeFazio said.

Strategic Safety Plans

Our team of highly trained risk control consultants will review safety policies and procedures for customers, make recommendations, and assist policyholders in creating a documented Strategic Safety Service Plan for their business – monitoring goals, responsibilities, and completion dates for each step in your plan.

Risk Control Director Tina Christiano explained that our focus has shifted to assessing policyholders’ safety policies and procedures based on their loss trends.

We're Here to Help

Our consultants can work with you to develop written safety materials to address a wide variety of safety hazards specific to your operations. We can also conduct on-site safety surveys and provide safety training to your staff. There is no additional cost for these services.

To launch the new program, this winter, our risk control consultants began reaching out to policyholders to review loss trends and safety programs. Policyholders can also contact our Risk Control department for assistance.

To learn how a NYSIF risk control consultant can work with you, call our safety hotline at 212-587-5500 or email us at RiskControl@nysif.com. Visit nysif.com to access our online safety materials.

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