NYSIF Advisor Winter 2020

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Go Paperless with NYSIF's Notification Center

NYSIF now makes it easier for policyholders and representatives to manage your workers’ comp policies and receive email notifications regarding policy documents and audits. Choose to go paperless with NYSIF to receive email notifications as soon as policy documents and billing statements are available. It's easy to sign up at our Notification Center.

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Faster Policy Processing Earns New Look at NYSIF Service

NYSIF’s new way of doing business by streamlining customer service is not only helping customers save time – it’s also changing some brokers’ minds about doing business with NYSIF. Our eQuote and online application is fast, and changing how insurance representatives view us.

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More Time to Pay Your Workers' Comp Premium

Now you have more time to pay your NYSIF premium bill. We listened to your feedback and have extended our payment due dates to provide policyholders with 25 days to pay their monthly premium bill. That's five extra days for NYSIF to receive your payment on time!

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Payroll Reporting Now Easier for DB/PFL

NYSIF has updated our disability benefits (DB) payroll report to make it easier to understand and complete. Improvements, based on feedback from customers, include a simpler format, separate DB and paid family leave (PFL) reporting, and clearer instructions. The updated report form applies to policy periods ending after January 1, 2020.

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Paid Family Leave Updates for 2020

New York State continued a four-year phase-in of Paid Family Leave (PFL) in 2020, increasing benefits and expanding coverage to improve the lives of more working New Yorkers and their families. Benefits increased to 60% of an employee’s average weekly wage, with the maximum weekly benefit at $840.70 in 2020.

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Falls Demand Attention in Every Industry

Slips, trips and falls caused more than 26% of the total reported injuries across all industries, according to the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics findings, and more than 17% of NYSIF claims in 2019. NYSIF Field Rep Indrit Berberi says these hazards demand attention from all employers "even though they generally tend to be overlooked outside the construction and transportation industries."


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