Benefit Payments

Workers’ compensation benefits are not paid for the first seven days of a job-related disability, unless the disability extends beyond 14 calendar days. Benefits are based on the average weekly wage (AWW) earned by the employee during the 52-week period immediately prior to the accident. The maximum weekly benefit rate is equal to two-thirds of the AWW in New York State, subject to the degree of disability.

Medical benefits are paid by the insurance carrier.

Survivor benefits payable to a spouse, and/or other dependents, are paid if an injured worker dies from a job-related injury or illness. Paid funeral expenses are subject to statutory maximums.

NYSIF payments to claimants may be delayed for any of the following reasons:

  • Lost time does not exceed seven calendar days (if lost time does not exceed 14 days, the first week is not payable)
  • NYSIF received no medical evidence of a causally-related disability beyond seven days
  • The employer is paying full wages
  • NYSIF is waiting for evidence substantiating dependency in death cases
  • NYSIF is disputing the claim on behalf of the policyholder

If none of these reasons apply to a delay in your payments, contact your case manager.

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