NYSIF Advisor Summer 2019

New NYSIF logo with connecting arches in aqua and green

Great Coverage Has a New Look

NYSIF is pleased to announce the debut of our new logo and the launch of an exciting rebranding initiative. Soon all NYSIF communications will feature the new logo, designed to reflect our more customer-focused approach. Join us as we celebrate our history, prepare for the future and continue to keep New York State workers and businesses covered.

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Managing Your Online Accounts Just Got Easier at nysif.com

NYSIF continues to introduce enhancements to our online systems to make it easier for customers, brokers and representatives to navigate and manage their online accounts. The improvements include new policy screens, more efficient menus, convenient links and a new notification center. Login now, or create an account to use all of NYSIF's online services.

Electrical subcontractor installing an outlet on a housing project

NYSIF Improves eCERT System and eSignature for Online Quotes

NYSIF is pleased to announce two more improvements that address customer feedback and make the online customer experience better at nysif.com. First, we’ve modernized our workers’ comp eCertificate system, eCERTS, to allow for easier searching and renewal. Second, we've streamlined the e-signature verification process when applying for a workers’ comp policy, making it much easier for clients to click and sign.

Tired hardhat worker stifling a yawn on roadside job site

How Tired Are Your Workers?

Sleep is a key component of a worker’s health, yet millions of American workers are sleep deprived. Fatigue caused by sleep deprivation is linked to an increase in work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities, and millions in associated costs. So, how tired are your employees? The answer may surprise you.

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How Do You Like the New Digital 'Advisor' Format

This issue of Workers’ Comp Advisor marks the first fully digital edition of NYSIF’s long-running policyholder newsletter, which made its debut in January 1984 and remained in continuous print publication for 34 years. We hope you enjoy reading the new Advisor, and we look forward to hearing from you about whether you like the new format, or if you have any suggestions for the newsletter.


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