NYSIF Announces Premium Audit Electronic Exit Interview Form

November 7, 2016

The New York State Insurance Fund has introduced a new enhancement to provide our policyholders, or their authorized representative, with clearer information regarding their audits. Premium auditors will be presenting policyholders or their representatives, with the Premium Audit Electronic Exit Interview form, at the conclusion of the audit.

The form is populated electronically in seconds from the audit worksheets. The Premium Audit Electronic Exit Interview Form prefills class codes, descriptions, audited payroll and deposit payroll. The form will also indicate the differences between audited and deposit payroll. In addition, the form calculates the manual rate premium differences automatically.

This enhancement will allow auditors to fully explain the rating board classification codes applied to each account, discuss which employees the codes were applied to, and describe the amount of payroll included. It also points out any changes to classifications and/or changes to payrolls. Further, it can be used to apprise the customer of the audit results in comparison to the deposit.

The new form will populate detailed information, which will lead to more opportunities for auditors and policyholders to address discrepancies on site before the audit is sent in for processing, thereby reducing the need for re-audits. 

This new form was designed to improve communication with our customers.

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