Policyholder Responsibilities

Changes to Your Business

Be sure to let us know right away by contacting your policy rep about any changes in your business such as:

  • Any change in the nature of the work performed by your employees
  • Any change in staffing and payroll
  • Any additional or new entities
  • Any change in business structure (i.e. incorporation)
  • Any new FEIN (Federal Employer's Identification Number)

Notice of Compliance

The C-105 Notice of Compliance is a notice to employees stating that you have Workers’ Compensation insurance. The C-105 must be posted at all business locations. If you have no established business location, or are in the moving business, you must post a C-105.1 in vehicles you own or operate. Your C-105 is included in your policy packet. For your convenience, the C-105 is immediately available online to registered users.

Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance company that provides evidence of the existence and terms of your Workers’ Compensation insurance policy. You may be asked for a certificate of insurance when performing work at a job site, bidding on a contract or obtaining a work license.

If you use subcontractors, you should request a certificate of insurance from your subcontractor at the start of doing business with them and annually thereafter.

NYSIF offers three ways for you to obtain a certificate of insurance:

  1. Access your account at nysif.com. The quickest and most convenient way to obtain a certificate is to log on to your NYSIF online account and create one.
  2. Send us an email. Please be sure to include the following information in the email:
  • Your name and policy number in the subject line
  • Certificate holder name and address in the body of the email

      3. Call us with your policy information at 888-875-5790 to have NYSIF email you a certificate within 48 hours.

Work-related Injuries or Illnesses

Remember to report any employee injuries or illness as soon as possible by completing an eFROI at www.nysif.com/reportinjury. After you report the incident to NYSIF, provide your employees with the claimant information packet found on www.nysif.com/forms which contains information on how to obtain immediate medical and pharmacy benefits.

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