NYSIF Launches New Online Medical Provider Portal

July 15, 2015

The New York State Insurance Fund today announced the launch of its new online Medical Provider Portal. The new portal will allow registered providers and third party billers to retrieve claims payment information regarding their workers’ compensation patients. Once a provider registers, he or she will be able to self-serve and obtain access to an explanation of benefits (EOB), bill payment status (with amount paid), claims covered on an issued check and claim-by-claim pricing and payment accounting.

A medical provider must be licensed and registered with the New York State Education Department and be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board to render care in a workers’ compensation case. There are more than 30,000 authorized medical providers in the state of New York. To enroll for a medical provider user account, providers will need a copy of their latest check from NYSIF to complete registration. To safeguard the privileged information of both the medical provider and the claimant, obtaining EOB and bill payment information will now require a log-on before accessing that data.

If a provider uses a third-party billing company, the biller must also register for an account to obtain access to the provider’s information. Once the vendor completes the registration, NYSIF will send the vendor a unique identifier code that they must share with the provider. Once a medical provider has designated the vendor as an approved third party biller, the biller will have online access to that provider’s medical bill payment information and explanation of benefits. Please note only the medical provider can approve access to the portal for the third party billing company.

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