NYSIF Announces Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS)

November 13, 2015

The New York State Insurance Fund today announced the release of its electronic Premium Audit Scheduling System (PASS). This new system allows NYSIF policyholders scheduled for a premium audit to choose a more convenient date and time, or to change the audit location, by visiting NYSIF’s website.

“The new system is part of NYSIF’s efforts to improve customer service,” NYSIF Executive Director & CEO Eric Madoff said. “The system allows customers to reschedule audit appointments at their convenience and avoid the higher premium charges that result from an estimated audit.”

Policyholder representatives can also elect to receive notices of all audits for policyholders that they represent.

Available 24/7 on nysif.com, the system will virtually eliminate instances where customers have to wait for business hours to contact NYSIF to schedule a new appointment. In order to access the scheduling system, policyholders or their representatives must enter the Appointment ID number found on the NYSIF letter which informed them of their original audit date. After rescheduling an audit, users will receive an immediate confirmation of the date change and an email with a new appointment letter.

The system will allow users to reschedule their appointment, or cancel an appointment, once per policy period, but they must reschedule the appointment within a prescribed period to avoid an estimated audit. Policyholders who receive notices of estimated audits may also use the system to schedule an appointment for an actual audit.

Policyholders or representatives who receive an audit appointment letter can go to www.nysif.com/auditscheduling/ to use the system.

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