NYSIF Announces eApplication for Brokers

April 7, 2016

NYSIF is introducing a new service for insurance agents, brokers and representatives.

Agents, brokers and representatives can now electronically submit NYSIF workers’ compensation insurance applications online on behalf of their clients, while allowing clients to digitally sign the application. The service will also soon be available for Safety Group accounts and will be communicated in a forthcoming announcement.

The new eApplication for brokers is easy to use. Brokers can simply log in to their online account at nysif.com to apply for a policy, then complete and submit an application for a digital signature. NYSIF then sends an email to the broker verifying receipt of the application, and an email to the client with instructions for completing the application with an electronic signature.

The enhanced application also allows clients or their representatives to make premium deposits online. Both the broker or the client have the option to pay the premium deposit online to complete the application process.

The new electronic application is designed to serve brokers and their customers by making the application process easier and faster. Apply for a workers’ compensation policy today through NYSIF’s new electronic application.

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