Claims Payment Summaries Now Available Online for DB Policyholders

The New York State Insurance Fund today announced that disability benefits (DB) policyholders can now access claims payment information at any time through their NYSIF online customer accounts

Registered users simply need to choose "Claims Payment Report" from their customer home page. Enter the beginning and end dates for the period needed, and run the report with a single click. A spreadsheet will be generated containing claimant and payment data, including start and end dates. 

Claims payment information is provided to DB policyholders so that the employer can report the appropriate FICA information in its quarterly and annual tax filings as required by the IRS. 

We encourage DB policyholders to register for an online account to take full advantage of the services available on Registered policyholders can print a certificate of insurance, report payroll, calculate estimated premium and even pay their bill.

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