Policyholders & Reps Can Access Premium Audit Details Online

The New York State Insurance Fund recently announced that NYSIF workers' compensation policyholders and their representatives can now access audit worksheets and exit interview forms through their NYSIF online accounts. 

Most workers’ compensation policies are audited in person by a NYSIF auditor. An audit is necessary to determine the correct payroll and other applicable remuneration for services or employment.

Online access to these audit forms can assist employers in better managing their budgets, determining estimated payroll and preparing for renewal.  

During an audit appointment, NYSIF auditors will review the policyholder’s payroll, general ledger, checkbook, tax forms and other documents to determine appropriate payroll and classification codes. At the conclusion of the audit, an electronic exit interview form is created from the audit worksheets the auditor completed during the appointment. 

The exit form will list class codes, descriptions, audited payroll and deposit payroll, and will indicate the differences between audited and deposit payroll. In addition, the form calculates the manual rate premium differences automatically. This exit form is emailed to the policyholder before the auditor leaves the appointment, but before now was not available online. Audit worksheets and exit interviews will be accessible starting with audits completed on or after May 30, 2017. 

Users should click "Earned Premium Audit" from their online account home page to access audit details. For each audit, the query displays:

  • Audit Number
  • Issue Date Status (of audit)
  • Audit Period
  • Auditor
  • Exit Interview Form (if available)
  • Audit Worksheet (if available) 

A User Guide is available on the customer's NYSIF online account home page with additional information. Learn more about what records you should have available for your audit.

This enhancement is the latest in NYSIF’s effort to enable quicker and easier access to policy documents for workers’ compensation policyholders and brokers. We encourage policyholders to register for an online account to take full advantage of the services available on nysif.com. Registered policyholders can print a certificate of insurance, retrieve policy information pages, manage claims, view an account summary and even pay their bill.

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