NYSIF Announces Shorter, Faster eApplication

NYSIF is pleased to announce the launch of its streamlined eQuote and electronic application that significantly reduces the time it takes to apply for NYSIF workers’ compensation insurance and to receive a quote.

NYSIF designed the new application to accommodate all types of employers. Potential policyholders can now answer only 10 questions, with simplified required responses, based on the applicant’s business size and type. Processing time is also reduced, thanks to electronic submission of the application, which eliminates mail delays.

Among other advantages, the new eApplication offers fewer questions and a fully electronic process. Potential policyholders and brokers can complete the application, sign documents, and make premium deposits in one, convenient online transaction. New businesses with no payroll history or accident experience can take advantage of the streamlined application, receive a quote and complete the process in one day.

Potential policyholders can now expect a more efficient application process and quicker quotes, allowing NYSIF to bind coverage and respond to New York businesses at a faster pace.

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