NYSIF Adds New Claims Feature to Online Accounts

In order to provide our policyholders with the most effective way to manage their claims, the New York State Insurance Fund has made additional enhancements to the Claim Search function in an employer's NYSIF online account.

When a policyholder searches by claim number, the result will prominently display the paid, reserve and incurred amounts for the claim. We have also added a reserve history tab to the search results.

Also, NYSIF is beginning to transition from using “WCB Number” when identifying the Workers’ Compensation Board case number to “JCN” (Jurisdiction Claim Number). We are making this change to align with the Board’s use of the JCN in its eClaims application.

We hope that this additional information assists our policyholders in managing costs for their businesses. If you do not yet have an online account, we encourage you to create one and take advantage of our online services.

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